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Cheadle Equestrian Centre Facilities

Brand new indoor American type barn with 13 huge stables


The Barn has been carefully designed by myself to be big Airy, Spacious with everything needed under the one roof. There is 13 huge loose boxes all with Automatic water troughs and full rubber matting. Each stable has open front bars and they vary between 10 x 14 to 12 X 12 with some even bigger. The roof is a anti condensation roof to stop any damp conditions and sky lights fitted throughout making it incredibly light. There is a hay Room, Wash Bay, Solarium room, Vibration Plate, Office, Tackroom, Rug Room and direct access to the indoor arena for liveries and those with horses stables on the yard straight through the stables via a corridor. 

The yard is very quiet, Horses are usually found spending most the afternoon sleeping with the laid back atmosphere on the yard. 

The yard is mostly private of my own showjumpers so there are just a few livery spaces available making this a “non livery“ type yard. You will feel like its your own private yard. 

22 x 42 Indoor Arena with FEI approved surface! Available to hire from £20 per horse per hour!


The most fabulous asset to Cheadle Equestrian Centre is the fabulous indoor arena with the brand new FEI approved surface laid just months ago. slightly bigger than the average size arena this bright and airy arena has 2 entrances one for private use for liveries and those that are stabled on the yard and also the public entrance. The arena has a viewing gallery with plush fabric cinema type seats for extra comfort and currently under design is the cafe. The arena also has a judging box located high up above the arena. 

The indoor arena is available to hire for as little as £20 per hour per horse with discount for block bookings and multiple horses. We welcome instructors, Clinics and Demos to be held at our venue. 

Outdoor 60 x 25 jump arena. Available to hire with jumps from £25 per horse per hour.


Another massive asset to Cheadle Equestrian Centre is the huge 25 x 60 outdoor arena which regularly has a full set of jumps set out in a course ready to hire. It has had a brand new FEI Approved surface laid  just months ago. The outdoor arena is also available to hire with or without jumps. 

Without jumps £20 per hour per horse and with jumps just £25! Additional horses just £5 and we are happy to facilitate clincs, Demos and instructors. 

Local Hacking


I don’t think it’s possible to get better hacking and beautiful long countryside trails than where Cheadle Equestrian Centre is located. Too many bridle paths to mention directly just from the yard but also the famous Dimmingsdale is just a 15 minute hack from the yard to get there or 5 minutes in the horsebox! People travel from all over the country to ride around dimmingsdale as there is no traffic, Beautiful peaceful and tranquil settings and many many trails to try out. There are no stoney paths so your horse can go barefoot and Sport Edurance UK regularly do endurance rides covering up to 13 miles From Dimmingsdale. Whats more is the ramblers retreat pub you can tie your horse up and enjoy a spot of lunch as it’s a regular pit stop for endurance riders or happy hackers. I cannot explain how lucky we are to have this on our doorstep! 

Winnothdale is another fabulous hacking spot with fabulous trails and green countryside. This is just 15 minutes hack from the centre. 

Croxton abbey another massive tourist attraction. The 12th century abbey at Croxden was home to 70 Cistercian monks at its peak. Now converted its remains of the abbey are impressive. Hacking around croxden abbey is beautiful and lots of countryside hacking. This is less than 30 minutes ride from the centre. 

From Croxden abbey you can ride along to Great Gate where the beautiful trails continue. 

If you are a avid countryside lover and love nothing more than a countryside Ride then the Centre couldn’t be better positioned for you. 

What things you can expect to come from the centre


The centre is still growing and developing but has changed massively in a few short months. We currently have Dog Agility and training classes available throughout the week via the local dog club. Various instructors hold Clincs at our venue and soon to come will be Demonstrations and Clinics from Olympic riders and many more exciting things. 

Also very soon we will be opening the Centre to the public for Unaffiliated shows. We will be running Showjumping, Dressage, Arena Eventing and combined training as well as fun days with a 6 fence challenge, Run and ride and so much more. Also we are in talks with opening The venue to accommodate  camping holidays with your horse where you can camp, Stable your horse, Enjoy the facilities and hacking as well as maybe take part in a clinic or lesson. 

We have so many things to come to be part of this new development is truly exciting. 

All about Cheadle Equestrian Centre

Full Livery @ £140 per week


Busy on time? 

Do you want your horse in expert hands 7 days a week? 

Choose the full livery package. 

The full livery package is 7 days a week care. It includes specially designed and manufactured bedding designed by Myself and made by Bliss which includes uplifting pine oil. 

Top quality Haylage and feed is available as well as all the regular care like Turnouts and fetch ins with rug changes, Holding for vet or farrier, Full Grooming as well as exclusive use of the extensive facilities available Including jump use. 

Your horse will Thankyou 

Part Livery starting from £120 per week


So you have some time just not all the time?🕰

Part livery is here to help.., We will do the full Livery Care 5 days a week, Usually weekdays (can change to suit) and you have the weekend to yourself. What’s Even better is all feed, Hay, and bedding is included 7 days a week You just get to enjoy to care for your 4 legged friend 2 days a week and have them all to yourself. Exclusive use of all facilities and jumps are also available. You get all of the 5🌟 treatment as the full livery but the care is yours for 2 days a week...., Simples

Working Livery @ £200 per week.


So you want the total A lister experience for you and your horse?... Of course you do🙌🏻

Working livery is available for you busy bees🐝who also want to benefit from our expert coaches with international competition experience in Dressage and Showjumping. 

Working livery is full 7 day care (of course) and your horse will be worked Professionally 5 days a week and you get to have a free lesson worth a minimum of £40 with one of our professional coaches and help you in your flatwork, Showjumping or maybe something specific. 

We can help the horse and rider with specific needs and can help build rider and horse confidence. 

Backing and Breaking £170 per week


So you want your horse broken but want to be sure it’s treated like a individual rather than a number?

We have limited stables for livery services so our services are very personalised with horses in for various services treated like our very own competition horses. We break and start all horses accordingly and individually getting to know their personality. With over 20 years of Backing and Breaking we have seen it all from ponies to Cobs to horses bred by world class sires sold out of the elite auctions for many many thousands. We treat all horses the same. We pride ourselves on being able to give you regular updates, Pictures and videos all come Part of the service and you are welcome to come and see the progress. Horses are broken simply with as little gadgets as possible and we are happy to discuss your specific needs. Regardless if you want us to just do the ground work or go from start to finish and have them confidently popping a jump we are happy to discuss and work with you. 

We have excellent testimonials so check them out at the bottom of the page.

Sales Livery £200 Per week plus 10% commission


So you have a horse or pony you want to sell but don’t want the hassle and the time wasters?

with over a decade of business with the worldwide known Vecthom Sporthorses company Vecthom usually has a waiting list of clients waiting for horses just like yours. That’s right make use of Vecthom Sporthorses excellent feedback, Customer Service and accreditation As Vecthom Sporthorses has a Client Service Acceeditaton for excellent reviews and customer service. 

Make the most of the Facebook page with over 10,000 likes and followers as well as World wide clients from every aspect of equestrianism. Regardless if you have a talented little pony or a Grand Prix horse or just a normal Pony Club or riding club level horse we have sold them all. 

We deal with everything. You get the full livery package as well your horse gets a professional photo shoot and video to help attract those buyers and a detailed advert written up by a marketing expert. We advertise on the Facebook page as well as the website included in the package. We deal with everything from start to finish. 

Prepping for pictures and videos ✅

professional pictures and video session✅

Full detailed advert by marketing expert ✅

Free advertisement on Facebook and the Website as well as offering to clients on the waiting list✅

Meeting clients and showing the horse off to potential clients ✅

Dealing with any vettings✅

Dealing with the payment ✅

Dealing wirh transport when the horse leaves for the new horse ✅

Making sure the client and yourself are happy✅

All of this equals a stress free horse, Seller, Agent and Buyer and a QUICK SALE! 

Horses are sold sometimes within hours. Vecthom is renowned For quick hassle free sales with horses selling out throughout the year. 

Take advantage of This. 

Selling isnt For everyone it Can be a minefield so for Peace of mind leave it to Vecthom @ CEC

Vibration plate, Solarium, Lessons and Extras


We have a excellent German manufactured top of the range vibration plate. The plate is designed to allow the level of vibration to be altered for individual preferences. From a lighter vibration for toning and relaxation and warming muscles to a deep vibration which has many proven results for maintaining muscle, Growth of muscle and top line, Swellings, Lymphatic problems, A deeper massage after a hard workout and much more. 

We also have a top of the range Solarium which again is proven in helping soreness of muscles, Warming the muscles before work, Relaxing the muscles after work, Tightness in the back and much more. 

With all Livery Services we can do a bolt on of group Vibration Plate or solarium use for a set fee per month  or as a livery you can use it for as little as £1 a minute. 

We are happy to help and work with individual needs and requirements but here is a small list of extra things we can add to help you.

Private lessons with International Showjumper jumped and placed Internationally up to 1.40 3*. Trained with the worlds best riders and worked in America coaching young riders. Can provide any level of instruction. POA

Also available is Portuguese Coach available exclusively and working for Cheadle Equestrian Centre. With expertise in Dressage Bernado has Worked for Olympic dressage riders producing and schooling to the highest level. POA

Plaiting, Clipping and tidying up✅

Prepping your horse for a show✅

Lunging services and hacking✅


Dealing with medical problems and admistrating medicines ✅

we have your back on your needs. Let us help you and your horse. 

Cheadle Equestrian Centre Reviews

From out of the field in Holland to this in 4 weeks. Purchased from Vecthom Sporthorses!


I just wanted to drop you a line to say a massive thank you for all your help so far.  From the first contact you were brilliant, you got back to us straight away, you kept us informed daily on what was happening.  What could of been a stressful experience, buying a horse unseen from abroad you made very easy.  Once in the UK you started the breaking procedure and kept us updated with pictures and videos of how she was progressing.  It’s a lot of trust to put into someone we don’t know but your reputation proceeds you and its fully justified.

We are in business ourselves and I am so rarely impressed with anyone these days but I think you have been outstanding.  We can’t wait to get her back to continue her education. I’m sure she’ll be the first of many!

Thank you again.



Sent Especially to Cheadle Equestrian Centre for sales livery and back then the owner fell in love!


I brought a lovely mare (KK) off Jenny about 9 years ago and have since bred a couple of stunning foals from KK. 

I didn’t have time to break my 3 year old filly (Kasi) in this year, so with a sale in mind, I sent her up to Jenny to ‘sell’ and back.

Jenny and her excellent team took my clever but opinionated filly and turned her into an amazing backed and confident ridden 3 year old! 

She was with Jenny for 7 weeks and we agreed to start the process on week 2 and I have been blown away by the honesty, the advice and the service that Jenny and her team have provided me. Videos and regular updates. 

We live a very long way from Jenny and she was my number one choice and has exceeded all my expectations so much, that I actually decided not to sell Kasi at all! 

I went up to collect my Kasi and tried her out for the first time while we were there (please note I’ve not really ridden for about 3 years now!), and Jenny and Bernardo couldn’t have been more helpful and insightful then they were. 

They taught me how to ride Kasi the way she needed to be ridden with lots of tips and pointers (and gave me the confidence to ask the questions!) and their patience and knowledge really stood out.

I am eternally grateful to Vecthom Sport Horses for doing such an amazing job with my girl and have absolutely NO hesitation to very highly recommend them for anyone looking to send a horse to be backed or to sell. 

They use simple and effective horsemanship without the use of ‘gadgets’. 

The yard (Cheadle EC) is a hidden gem and the facilities are excellent and you can see just how dedicated Jenny is. 

I look forward to seeing more as Jenny continues to add to her business and passion and to seeing what I can do with my girl now she is home to stay! 

Thank you again!

Purchased from Vecthom Sporthorses and broken by us for Small Grand Prix rider Lucy Struthers.


Thank you for sourcing such a fantastic mare. I’m over the moon with my new purchase and I’m so excited to start working with her. 

We decided that we had our hands full with the three year olds at home so we entrusted Jenny and her team to start her off. I am delighted to say they have made a super job. She has kept us in the loop all the time with videos and messages. 

I would highly recommend her for not just sourcing but breaking too. Thank you for your hard work!

Lucy Struthers 

A Professional visits Cheadle Equestrian Centre and gives her thoughts.


I went to visit Cheadle Equestrian Centre today and from the moment I stepped on the yard, There was a feeling of professionalism. We were met by Jennifer the owner, and immediatley felt welcome. Jennifer has been around horses all of her life and whilst chatting to her we had a instant connection, She was easy to talk to and had a understanding of the needs of the clients and their horses. from one professional to another I wouldn’t hesitate to leave any of my horses in her care Knowing that they would be looked after as though they were her own. I will also be looking to Jennifer in the future to find my next superstar horse. 

Emma Murphy 

UKCC Level 2 Equestrian Coach and BHS Accredited Professional Coach

Arena hire review


Great Arena, Lovely surface and jumps With quick response when messaging to hire. Lots of car parking. Highly recommend.